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TiltSHIFT Telear-5 5.6-250mm1

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  • TiltSHIFT Telear-5 5.6-250mm2
  • TiltSHIFT Telear-5 5.6-250mm
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  • TiltSHIFT Telear-5 5.6-250mm4
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Arsenal TILT/ SHIFT MC Telear-5 5.6/250mm TS lens for Canon EOS camera

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Quick Overview

Multicoated Telear-5 f / 5.6 250 mm Tilt / Shift telephoto lens
High quality precision Tilt / Shift mechanism
8 degrees tilt and with 360 degrees rotating plate
Compatible with Canon EOS

This Unique Multicoated Telear-5 f / 5.6 250 mm Tilt / Shift telephoto lens has high quality precision Tilt / Shift mechanism. 11mm shift, 8 degrees tilt and with 360 degrees rotating plate capabilities enable the correction of perspective distortion necessary in interior and exterior architectural photography, and the depth of field control necessary in product photography. The effects of large-format camera movements can be obtained with Tilt/Shift lenses for 35mm cameras. This lens's excellent multicoated optics allow you make sharp, contrasty, colour perfect images. It has manual aperture control. The lens can be shifted 11mm from its normal position. The direction of the shift can be changed 360 degrees and locks at 12 angles.

Multicoated 250mm F/5.6 Tilt/Shift lens is made with high quality precision type mechanisms
Tilt / Shift your lens for more control of perspective and depth of field similar to a view camera.
Ideal for architectural photography when controlling perspective.Great for product photography to control depth of field for more appealing shots.
This lens perfectly works with Full frame cameras and Not full frame cameras! Camera Body Mount: Canon Camera Body
Features include an 11mm shift, 8° tilt and 360° rotating plate which makes it capable to correct perspective distortion that is necessary in interior and exterior architectural photography as well as control depth of field in product photography.

You can achieve similar effects and movements of a large format camera with this Tilt/Shift Lens on your SLR or DSLR. This lens's excellent multicoated optics allows you to make sharp, contrasted, color perfect images.

While photographing interiors, still lives, portraits, objects for advertising it often happens that total control of the depth of field is required. With ordinary lenses, it is achieved via the aperture. The most widespread method to increase the depth of field is to minimize the aperture of the lens. However, it frequently happens that this is not possible: when you close the aperture, it is necessary to increase the exposure. In this case, it is hard to photograph objects in motion, or often even is impossible. With the minimum aperture the lens yields a "dry” unsaturated color image. Using the lens with TILT feature allows to increase or reduce the depth of field at any aperture.

When photographing architectural objects, the distance from the lens to upper and lower parts of the object is different. It would result in a distortion known as a “falling building” effect (the parallel vertical lines unnaturally come up to one point). Similar problems arise when photographing a model on a catwalk, interiors, sculptures placed on high stands, paintings and architectural details located at an unreachable height. TS lens allows to compensate perspective distortion, to vary the depth of field and zone of sharpness and soften the image if necessary.

  • Lens elements: 6 Multicoated
  • Aperture, focal length, mm: 250
  • Drawing stroke, mm -1:centeredge 5030
  • Focusing scale: 5.6 m to infinity
  • Aperture scale: f 5.6 to f16
  • Shift, mm: 11
  • Tilt: plus/minus 8 degrees
  • Lens rotate: 360 degrees
  • Thread for light filters: 62mm
  • Disperse: 0.019
  • Weight: 1.5 kg or 3lb
  • MC  F 3.5 250 mm Tilt & Shift Lens
  • Protective caps
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