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Magnetic GGS acessories kit 16mm - Lens hood, UV filter and polarizing CPL filter

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Quick Overview

Magnetic GGS acessories kit 16mm - Lens hood, UV filter and polarizing CPL filter

  • GGS DC accessory kit - Protective UV Filter, Polarizing Filter and Lens Hood - specially designed for compact digital cameras.
  • GGS DC Protective UV filter made out of 0.5 mm ultra-thin optical glass with transmittance exceeding 95%. It stops ultraviolet light to makes images clear and protects camera lens from dust, moisture, fingerprint, etc. GGS DC protective filter can be easily attached on your camera lens with idustrial strengh double side adhesive tape.
  • GGS DC Polarizing Filter made out of special optical glass and has high quality metal frame. It can eliminate all kinds of non-metallic reflections and make image look more vivid and contrast. Polarizing filter uses in color and Black and Wight photography to remove reflaction on glass and water, increase color saturation, durken the sky.
  • GGS Lens Hood made out of high-strength ABS plastic. Its outer surface spraied with silver metal elecroplating lacquer and its inner surface spraied with black lacquer to prevent light reflection. This helps to maximize the hood coverage and eliminate stray light.
GGS DC accessory kit : protective filter, polarizing filter and lens hood Polarizing filter attached to camera lens (camera is NOT included with this sale) Lens Hood attached to camera lens (camera is NOT included with this sale)

The Magnetic Protective UV Filter has to be attached on a camera lens FIRST . All other magnetic accessories attach by magnets to the metal ring of the UV filter.

 How to attach Magnetic Protective UV Filter to the Camera Lens:

Clean camera lens in a circular motion with cleaning cloth
Remove the paper cover from adhisive side of protective filter and make sure the filter is clean
Center the mounting ring around your camera lens
Place protective filter onto the camera lens, press firmly and remove transparent cover off the filter

    GGS accessory kits come in 6 sizes: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 26mm, 30mm, 32mm.
    Basically they are compatible for most of the popular digital cameras in the market such as:

    Size Brand Models
    16mm Canon IXUS i7 (SD40)
    Nikon L11, L12
    Olympus U700, U710, U760
    Ricoh Z75
    Samsung NV-3
    Sony W80, W55
    Casio Z75
    18mm Canon IXUS 900 (SD900), IXUS 60 (SD600), IXUS 70 (SD1000), IXUS 75 (SD750)
    Casio Z70, Z60
    Fujifilm F50, J10
    Nikon L6, L10, S200, L15, S510, S520, L16, L18
    Ricoh Z60
    Samsung S500, S600, S630, S700, S800, S1000, L-83T, i7, L60, L700, L730, L830, S760, NV103
    Sony S700, W30, W35, W100, W200, N2, S730
    20mm Canon IXUS850, IXUS85, SD800, SD860, A470, IXUS80, IXUS90, IXUS870, IXUS 700 (SD500), IXUS 860 (SD870IS), IXUS 950 (SD850IS), IXUS 960 (SD950IS)
    Casio Z1050, Z77, Z8, S10
    Fujifilm F40
    Nikon L14,  S210
    Olympus U-740, U-780, U-1000, FE-190, FE240, FE280, FE-190, U820, FE-270
    Panasonic FX-12, FX-33, FS200, FS55
    Samsung S1030, L100, NV30, L110, S750, S1030, NV-8, NV-10
    22mm Canon A550, A560, A570,IXUS950, A1000, E1, IXUS980
    Casio Z770, Z880, Z1000, Z1200, S880
    Nikon P5100, S550, S600, S700, S560, S610
    Olympus FE-170, SP700, FE-340, FE-350
    Panasonic FX-07, FX-3, FX-10, FX-30, FX-50, FX-100, FX-520, FX5, FX38, FX35(36), FX100, FX150, FX180, FX500
    Ricoh R730
    Samsung L70
    26mm Canon A630, A580, IXUS970, A590
    Fujifilm F650
    Nikon L5, P50, P60, S710
    Olympus FE-200, FE-290
    Sony W300
    SamsungS1050, M310, L310W, NV100, S1060
    30mm Canon A710, A720, A2000
    Panasonic LX-2
    Ricoh R3, R4, R5
    Samsung S1050
    Sony W150, W170
    32mm Canon G9, A650
    Panasonic LZ-2, LZ-3, TZ11, TZ15
    Ricoh R6, R7
    Sony S800, H10, H3

    To find out what size of GGS DC accessory kit you need for your camera, please measure inside diameter of your camera lens and add 2mm. That is would be size of the magnetic  kit for your camera.
    In this example lens diameter for Canon SD700 is 20mm. The magnetic kit size will be 20mm + 2mm = 22mm.

    This accessory kit is NOT compatible with :
  • Cameras with sliding lens cover such as Sony T series etc.
  • Lens diameter over 30mm or under 16mm.
Manufacturer GGS

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